BUFFALO, N.Y. - A Jacksonville teenager detained on the Peace Bridge near the U.S.-Canadian border could have an extradition hearing as early as Monday morning in Family Court, the Buffalo Police Department and criminal defense attorney Thomas Eoannou told First Coast News' sister station WGRZ in Buffalo.

Logan Mott, 15, is considered to be a person of interest in the death of his 53-year-old grandmother, Kristina French. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office believes it found her body buried in the backyard of the Neptune Beach home where both were reported missing earlier this week. Logan Mott was detained near the U.S.-Canadian border in Buffalo Friday night.

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Logan Mott was originally being held by Buffalo Police, but because of his age, he is currently in an Erie County juvenile detention center.

Police say Jacksonville detectives are in Buffalo as of Sunday seizing evidence from the Dodge Dart Mott was stopped in.

Logan Mott made a U-turn on the Peace Bridge that leads to Canada, which prompted U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to search the Dodge Dart that he is was driving– the same kind of car his grandmother had that went missing.

Law enforcement agencies aren't sure where he was heading.

"What happens is once you enter the outbound lane and you make it up onto the bridge, regardless of whether you go into Canada or not, there's Border nexus," said Aaron Bowker, a public affairs liaison with CBP. "So you've made a meaningful departure at that point. Well. he didn't get into Canada, but he turned around on the Bridge and came back, so the Canadian authorities never saw him, he turned around on his own."

That U-turn is what led to the inspection by CBP.

Although he was too young to have a license, CBP says they do have other ways of running background checks to determine a person's identity.

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