Two people were shot following an fight at the entrance of Plantation Plaza shopping center in St. Johns County on Friday.

The incident happened near the 2700 block of Race Track Rd. around 11 a.m.

Chuck Mulligan with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said an altercation occurred between two people who got into a fist fight in the parking lot of Atlantic Coast Bank. At some point, one person pulled out a gun and fired multiple rounds at the other, who managed to get into their vehicle and took off.

The person in the vehicle went to Baptist South Hospital. Mulligan said two people checked themselves into the hospital with gunshot wounds.

When authorities arrived, local store manager, Justin Loque, had caught the alleged shooter.

"He parked his car and got out of the car," Loque said. "I told him to get on the ground without the gun."

Loque said the suspect hesititated for a moment before getting out of the vehicle and laid down on the ground with his hands up.

"I had an employee of mine get a gun just in case and I held him at gun point until police arrived, which was very quick," he said.

Authorities detained the suspect and he is now being questioned.

When asked if this incident was a case of road rage, Mulligan said it is too early to tell.