A former customer of a Southside auto repair shop is demanding a refund from the owners after he says he got his car back in worse condition than when he dropped it off months ago.

First Coast News first reported on customer complaints against All Pro Auto Repair three weeks ago. Since then, several customers have reached out to share their stories about the shop.

Brandon Stadnicki said he dropped his car off at All Pro in February. He said the owners never contacted him to pick up his car when the shop suddenly closed, rather another customer contacted him and took him to the shop.

“Rather than [owners] Brittany or Wade Holt telling me ‘hey your car is there and it might be towed,’” Stadnicki said.

When he popped the hood of his car, Stadnicki said he found several parts missing. He had the car towed to another repair shop where he learned repairs for the car were estimated around $3,000.

MechaniCare Auto Repair owner, Lee Rogers, has been working on Stadnicki’s car since.

“The valve cover’s missing, which would be here, the alternator and the AC compressor are missing, the timing chain has been replaced,” Rogers said.

Stadnicki found some of the missing parts in the car’s trunk, but the cost of repair still surpassed the value of the car. Stadnicki decided to sell the car for scrap for $100.

Meanwhile, Stadnicki said his mother-in-law’s credit card was charged around $1,100 for repairs at All Pro, which has not been refunded. Stadnicki said his mother-in-law contacted Brittany Holt on Facebook, and Holt told her she would refund the payment. That was the last the family heard from the Holts.

“I had commented on one of her public Facebook posts because she’s ignoring emails and messages and as soon as I did that she blocked me,” Stadnicki said.

First Coast News reached out to Holt via email, Facebook and phone Wednesday, but we have not heard back.

First Coast news also asked the State Attorney’s office whether they would be taking action, but they said they have not seen or heard of any complaints against the shop.