JEA credited nearly $1 million to customers in the form of water bill refunds in 2017.

Utility data obtained by First Coast News showed over 15,500 received adjustments totaling $832,000.

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Plumbing work is number one reason customers received a credit, according to JEA media relations manager Gerri Boyce. Forty two percent of the adjusted bills were due to a plumber making a repair and water from the leak not going down the sewer.

Thirty percent of the credits were to customers with an 'extreme use' issue, Boyce said, like a large leak. Customers were charged the next lower tier for the water used.

Twenty-five percent were given a 'pool fill' credit for sewer charges equal to the size of their pool that was filled.

Remaining adjustments were for times a JEA employee found a leak near the meter and determined it to be JEA's responsibility.

Re-billing accounted for .05 percent of the adjustments.

JEA also offered a one-time adjustment due to a customer with a leak or extremely high usage for .16 percent of customers.

JEA explanation for 15,500 water bill adjustments from January to July 2017.