ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. - In St. Johns County, homeowners are complaining about an increase in their water bills.

"My bill went up a hundred dollars," said resident Anne Freund.

Like many residents, Freund is puzzled as to why her bill went up so high, especially because her irrigation system has been off, she said.

"We stopped using our sprinklers because it was raining so much," she said.

Yet, when she received her September water bill, it was $100 more than the previous bill to her surprise.

"Two and a half weeks ago there was a man from JEA out here and he said he was replacing the water meter because it was running continuously," she said.

Running continuously was a surprise to her as well. She said she asked if that is going to impact her bill and the response was no.

"Which didn't make any sense to me," she said.

It didn't make sense when it happened and she said she was concerned it would show up in her bill, and it did.

"I just paid the bill," she said. "And again I felt powerless."

Many of her neighbors were empowered by the website Next Door. It became their platform to file their complaints about high JEA water bills.

Dozens of homeowners from Durbin Crossing, Aberdeen, St. Johns Golf and Country Club and Julington Creek Plantation complained on the site.

"When it is this large a scale then somebody should look into it," she said.

She said if JEA is wrong in their charges, she said the utility company needs to make it right.

"If they overcharged us, then they should restore or refund or credit, whatever they overcharged us," she said.

JEA Spokesperson Gerri Boyce said the utility's focus is now getting electric power restored to customers who sustain damage from Irma.

She said the utility is now reviewing all the water usage for accounts in the St. Johns County area.