JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Jaguars are not coming off their best season as far as football goes, but the franchise is a jewel in Jacksonville's proverbial crown.

Mark Lamping, sitting in the shadows of the construction of Daily's Place, talked about the importance of its off-field projects - like Daily's Place.

"The project is moving along," he said. "Our first concert is May 27 and we won't miss it." He also talked about the relationship between the franchise and the city.

"I don't think it could be any better than it is," he said, "our interests are aligned."

Downtown development is that common alignment. This week, Jags Owner Shad Kahn submitted a proposal to develop the Shipyards. But he is not the only one bidding to develop acres of river front property.

"What if we don't get it and someone else does? First, we will accrue some benefits from downtown Jacksonville being a stronger place," he said.

The franchise will benefit so will the city. From the London game to Daily's Place to (perhaps) the Shipyards.

The London game generates 11 percent of team revenues. According to Stastica, in 2015, the Jags earned $344 million. That's almost $38 million for one game.

"I can tell you London will continue to be a very important in everything we do as long has it continues to support our objective having the Jaguars in Jacksonville as a stable sustainable NFL franchise," said Lamping. The team has its struggles, but Lamping said it is in a good place.

"The team is in significantly better place than we were before Shad bought the team. You don't hear people talking about rumors of the Jags moving to Los Angeles," said Lamping. "You don't hear people talking about games being blacked out, you don't hear appeals to the community, 'you better buy tickets or the team is going to move.' All of those agenda items pre-dated Shad - none of them exist today."

Mayor Lenny Curry is pleased with the working relationship with the team. Curry said they work closley with
with Mark Lamping and Shad Khan. We know they're committed to Jacksonville.

"Their actions and investments demonstrate that," said Curry.