ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- The First Coast parents of two autistic sons say they are dealing with a 'middle man' nightmare.

After making four years of regular on-time payments toward ownership of an RV home, George Henderson says they are facing repossession.

"No one should have to go through this, it's hard to sleep at night knowing someone may come and take it," said George.

He won the lottery in 2013 to the tune of $6,500 which was just enough to make a down payment on an RV advertised by A-Plus Contract Management Inc. in Vero Beach. Under A-Plus owner Jim Sadler's contract, the Hendersons would make 164 payments on a financed RV owned by another woman. The contract signed by George and Sadler states payments would go through A-Plus and the Hendersons would receive the RV title at the end.

Not until 2017 did George learned many of his payments had not gotten to the financing company in time and recent ones were not paid at all.

"We paid all of our payments, we made them on time, [Sadler] is the one that's not paying," says George's wife Lisa. "That's what I don't understand why we have to be responsible for that."

The Hendersons also discovered something else.

When they talked face-to-face with the primary owner, she disclosed she never intended to sell the RV. The owner told First Coast News she thought was only renting it out via A-Plus and doing anything more was a violation of her agreement with the financing company.

"[The owner] said she could take it back at any time," George says. "It was just like 'boom' right in my face, I couldn't believe it."

George and the owner say Sadler has not been returning their calls.

In a phone conversation with First Coast News, Sadler admitted to being behind on delivering payments he received but says he has over a thousand satisfied customers over the years.

The Better Business Bureau in Ocala has 6 unresolved complaints against A-Plus for missing payments and lack of communication. Several more similar reviews can be found online.

Sadler said he's working to make it right with the Hendersons and other complaining customers and cited his recent sickness as why payments have been late or unpaid.

"I'm trying to take care of everything these last few weeks," says Sadler. "I'm only human, I'm made some mistakes."

Both the Hendersons and the primary owner are attempting to enter a new agreement without Sadler's involvement, something they say they wish they had done from the start. Both say there's over $2,000 in late fees and interest that has accrued from the payment issues, funds they want Sadler to provide.

"My two boys they're used to this place, if it's loud outside or if they're not comfortable with a lot of people around, we're able to move," Lisa says. "I never expected something like this to happen."