JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Residents in North Jacksonville are growing frustrated over the condition of a drainage ditch in their neighborhood.

Heather Foley is a block captain in the San Mateo community. The longtime resident is disappointed with the city's response to a drainage ditch that’s becoming a growing concern in the neighborhood, she said.

"It is frustrating and it is disappointing. It is almost like we are forgotten over here," Foley said.

The ditch runs through the entire block between Inez and Rio Drives. Because of its condition, they have watched their backyards erode; Their fences are almost swallowed up in mud.

"You go at that end of Inez, they put boulders in but the boulders are even falling in into this," she said.

This week, the problem got worse.

A line of thunderstorms moved in and blew over several trees into the ditch.

"The trees are blocking the water and all the debris that came from the last rain," said resident Roger Millo.

Millo lives two doors down from Foley. He said the standing water will lead to more erosion and a mosquito problem if the city does not respond.

"My wife called them, this neighbor called them and they say they're not going to come out until March of next year," Millo said.

He said that is unacceptable and he doesn't believe the city is taking the community's concerns seriously.

They're also worried about localized flooding.

"If we get another hard storm like we got on Monday, it could come all the way up to my deck," Foley said.

Tia Ford, spokesperson for the City, said that the date the community was given is automatically generated.

Ford said a team from public works will assess the condition and the problem will be resolved much sooner than
March 2018.

"Why do we have to wait until March of 2018? What is the issue?” Foley asked.