JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Mt. Herman Missionary is a small baptist church and its ceiling is in need of repair.

"We have all these different spots in here," said Pastor A.L. Jordan.

Two weeks ago, Pastor Jordan hired All Pro Drywall to repair the ceiling and now he regrets the decision.

"I have texted, I've called," Jordan said. "I have probably made about 40 calls trying to resolve this."

Jordan has preached from the pulpit of Mt. Herman for 35 years. The Bible is his guiding principle in how he deals with people, good or bad.

"I have prayed about it and I've decided to give him the rest of the week," he said.

He is talking about Donald David Duggan of All Pro Drywall.

Duggan promised he'd repair the ceiling in three days, in time to use the church on Sunday, he did not.

"I'm disappointed, totally disappointed," he said.

He has a picture of Duggan's truck and a copy of the contract he signed with the church.

"When you do something in good faith, you expect the job well done." he said.

Duggan was paid half of the contract up front $1,269 in cash.

"He did nothing for those $1,200," Jordan said.

Pastor Jordan said Duggan sent two workers to his church and when he questioned the quality of the work, the crew walked off job.

When reached by phone, a woman who identified herself as Christina said the crews with All Pro Drywall did walk off the job and they were fired. However, it's a claim Pastor Jordan dismissed as a lie.

It appears that Mt. Herman complaint against All Pro Drywall is not an isolated case.

There are other complaints about the company and Duggan posted on Craigslist.

Jordan wants him to refund the money that belongs to the church.

"Why would you take $1,269 of the church money?" Jordan asked. "It doesn't belong to you."

Drywall contractors are required to have a Gypsum Drywall License in Florida.

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has no record of a license issued to Donald David Duggan.

His current company is not even registered with the state corporation division.

Next week the church plans to file suit against the company to right this wrong.