JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It's the kind of online dating that ends in heartaches, embarrassment, humiliation and
sometimes, damaged bank accounts.

Tekesia Johnson, a single woman, mother of two, and a social media user said she is the victim of an online dating scheme.

Johnson thought she had met Mr. Right on the website Plenty of Fish.

"He gave me his phone number and said would you call me so that so that I can see that he's not cat fishing me," she said, "that's the funny part."

Johnson said the relationship was off to a quick start. The man who claimed he was a Thoracic Surgeon wanted was eager to talk about finances.

"When he asked me about my financial situation that alarmed me," she said.

Even so she continued the conversation, hoping to drive him away.

"I told him I was broke ," she said, "I thought that would run him off but he counteracted and said he would pay off my debts."

The would be lover said he would pay off her mortgage, student loans, credit cards. He even was ready to go to Vegas and get married.

"He said he was married minded, it is all in the text," she said.

The identified himself as Brian Adams. Johnson said he never showed her any identification.

She said she asked several times.

"He said you're so suspicious about everything,' she said, "I said don't you realize I met you online?"

Brian Adams, the man she met resembles Brian Wedgeworth.

Wedgeworth was convicted in Georgia in 2013 on a similar scheme. Earlier this year, he was released on an out of state parole.

When we checked the date of birth of both men it was June 1975. Coincidental?

Johnson said he paid off her debt but that was part of the rouse.

"Everything he paid was (NSF) non sufficient funds," she said.

Johnson said the scheme was he would pay off her debts and she would buy him and expensive watch, he wanted a $40,000 Rolex.

He told her the purchase would build her credit score. She refused to buy the Rolex but did purchase two Movado watches totaling $3,000.

"I know it sounds crazy but I have to walk the walk the walk of shame because I did it to myself." said Johnson.

Now she taking to social media to pull back the mask of the man who is not who she thought he was.

"Hindsight, I am stuck with $3,000 and he is gone with the watches," she said.

Johnson showed On Your Side the receipts for the watches and a text where Adams promised to return them.

She is still waiting.

We spoke with Brian Adams by phone and he said he was caught off guard.

"This is a relationship that went sour," he said, "she did not give me a penny, she did not buy me watches."

He refused to tell us his occupation and he denied being Brian Wedgeworth.

We checked the Medical Licensing Boards in Florida and Alabama, his place of residence, and found no listing for a Brian Adams, M.D.

The FBI has these tips for online dating:

-Go slow and ask lots of questions.
-Beware if the individual seems too perfect
-Beware if the individual requests inappropriate photos or financial information