JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- When Nate Ferguson looks out his backyard, he says hates what he sees. It's an incomplete dock stretched across the marshes.

"I'm stuck," he says. "I was conned."

It's December 2016 and Ferguson hires Jacksonville Docks to build the 220-foot structure. He says he vetted the company before signing a $74,000 contract.

"I did my due diligence, he had contracting licensing, so he said, so I just felt comfortable with Terry because he said the right things," Ferguson says. "Like I said: a pure con artist. The past six months have been a brutal nightmare with Terry with broken promises."

The problem is - Ferguson's not alone.

This a picture of Seth Wardell's dock, another victim, Wardell said Kneale left it like this:

"He did it to other small business owners like myself," Ferguson says.

Terrence Kneale started Jacksonville Docks in 2016.

He's not a member of the BBB, even so, it gave the company an A- rating. One reviewer wrote on the BBB's website: "Do not trust this man!"

"Two of his former workers came to me and apologized for his behalf," Ferguson says.

Kneale has a checkered past. He's been arrested several times in St. Johns County.

Now he's in the Volusia County Jail waiting for the outcome of his charges there. And his victims? They're stuck with the expense of completing their projects, but they're fighting back.

"I've been talking to other homeowners that are in the same position," Ferguson says. "We're currently trying to work together to come up with a plan to get with the state attorney so that we can press charges."

We checked Kneale's background and found: no evidence of a Marine Contractors license, a specialty license; no evidence he owns dock building equipment; no evidence he has a bond; no evidence of permanent staff.

One of this former employees, Jacob Voorhees, told On Your Side that Kneale stiffed him and some of the other workers on these projects.

Like some of the homeowners, Voorhees is glad to see that Kneale has been caught for his wrongdoing.