JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Patricia White is one of 13 Community First Credit Union hostages saved by police. She could be spotted in her bright yellow shirt as a SWAT team led them across West Edgewood Avenue to safety.

"It was like a dream," said White. "I couldn't believe it was happening, but it was."

White said she was in line waiting to make a withdrawal when a man walked into the credit union with a dog and a bucket.

"The bank people told him he couldn't bring the dog in," she said.

But the man, now identified as Nicholas Humphrey, claimed it was a service dog.

Nicholas Daquan Humphrey (Photo: JSO)

"He said he was blinded in one of his eyes," said White.

She could hear the credit union employees questioning his credentials for a service dog.

"He said I got one and then dug down into his bucket and came out with a gun and told everyone to get down and shot up in the air," said White.

White, describing what was going on in a trembling voice, said she ran into an office and hid for her life; she and two others, apparently employees, hid behind a locked door.

"I couldn't believe it was happening but it was," she said, "when he shot up in the air I knew he meant business, it was kind of scary, it was real scary."

White told said she was glad to see the Swat team in its Armored Personnel Vehicle. A few minutes later law enforcement drove into the building with what seems like a bobcat.

"When they broke the glass I got up and raised my hand," said White, "an officer told me to come out, and hurry up and run on to the lawn."

Safe and out of Harm's way, White said she never looked back, so she doesn't know what happened to the suspect. She is just glad its over.

"It was scary. I thought it was a dream but it so was real it was real," she aid, "I've never been through nothing like that before."

She escaped physically unscathed, but emotionally scarred.

Before the day was over she was getting help from crime victim counselors.

A service that is available to all of the hostages, including the credit union employees.