JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - "That's all sewage floating on top of the water," said Julington Creek resident, Tripp Warnick. "That is a sewage film."

Raw sewage has leaked into Julington Creek following Hurricane Irma, and it's not only smelly, but it's killing the fish and rotting vegetation.

"It is very pungent right here," he said.

The creek dead ends in Warnick's neighborhood and there is hardly any tidal action.

"So it doesn't wash out and we've all been smelling it throughout the neighborhood," he said.

Joanne Barrilleaux 's home is at the end of the creek. She said it has ruined her plans for the weekend.

"My daughter's birthday is tomorrow," she said. "It is her 15th and we're having her party here, but I can't have her party here with this."

She said right after Hurricane Matthew there was a similar problem, but not like this.

"This can't be healthy," she said.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) is in investigating and now the Health Department is involved.

A spokesperson at FDEP said there's no evidence of raw sewage, not yet.

So, what is the possible cause of what appears to be an environmental problem?

"It appears to be an influx of fresh water that has caused a depletion of oxygen in the creek," said the spokesperson.

Regardless of the cause, the community has one desire: Find what is causing the stench and clean it up.

"I would like to see it cleaned up," Barrilleaux said. "Tell me how to do it, how to prevent it."

Anyone with concerns is being asked to contact the Florida Department of Public Health.