Fallen trees after Hurricane Matthew continue to create headaches for First Coast residents. One homeowner questions who should be responsible for property after he says a tree on city property crashed into his home.

Owen McCowan of Jacksonville said he was inside his home with his wife on Friday when wind and rain uprooted a large nearby oak tree.

"[I heard] a loud blast of wind like I've never heard before in my life," said McCowan.
"I can't tell the whole extent of the damage because I of the amount of tree on the roof."

The tree truck remains locked behind a gate while the branches cover the left wing of the house. McCowan said the tree knocked their air conditioning off line and he can't access the area to remove the tree without city approval.

"We're asking them to take full responsibility because that's their tree, that's their property," he said.
"We prepared, we thought, in clearing all of our trees and any potential damage, but there's nothing we could do about this [tree]. "

City of Jacksonville Public Communications Officer Tia Ford said a claim has been initiated for the McCowan's complaint. Any residents who sustain damage from property belonging to the city should call 904-630-CITY (2489) to initiate a claim. Ford said their risk management team will typically investigate whether or not the city is liable for damage costs.

McCowan, while recovering from a recent surgery says despite seven days and counting with a tree-covered house, he's counting his blessings.

"I'm thankful because it could have been far worse."