The owner of a Florida-based app boasts it connects homeowners with handymen to your doorstep in around 30 minutes.

Homee co-founder Doug Schaedler says the idea was inspired by a frustrating attempt to get his own broken air conditioner fixed one summer day.

"I was out of town and the issue still wasn't fixed," Schaedler explained. "So I was getting a lot of calls from my wife updating me on the lack of progress."

Out of that frustrating experience spawned a unique way to bring a technician to your door.

The Homee app uses a process similar to Uber by showing nearby plumbers, electricians, HVAC techs and handymen who are ready to come out on a call.

"It's one minute to place the order [on your smartphone] and on average [it takes] 30 minutes, we'll be on site, tools in hand, smiling at the front door, ready to go to work," says Schaedler.

Homee requires registration and a credit card number to request a technician. Schaedler says each tech undergoes a multi-state background check, and Homee is licensed as a general contractor in Florida.

The technician's hourly rate is displayed before a technician is selected. Reviews left by previous customers are available. Homee is currently available in seven cities and two states.

The app creates more options, not just for consumers, but also job-seeking techs.

Jacksonville organization Veterans Elite Services says Homee is already benefiting the veterans they help.

"For veterans [Homee] is an easy low barrier entryway to get into the work force," said Joe Padlo, president of Veterans Elite. "When veterans transition home from the military, one of the most difficult things is finding meaningful work, any time there's a way to reduce that barrier for those veterans to get a good job is a great thing."

Kevin Copeland, chief financial officer for Veterans Elite, says Homee offers flexibility.

"This allows us to put more veterans to work, something where they can log in at any point in time and see what jobs are out there," says Copeland. "[For clients] anyone that doesn't have a multi-million dollar home, they can easily get that exact same service at a very fast pace."