JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Interstate 95 has too many vehicles use it every day. The Florida Department of Transportation has nearly completed a study on putting in express lanes from Butler Boulevard to Atlantic Boulevard.

This has Spring Park residents worried.

"Saturday night, I cried for hours and then i just got mad," says resident Mary Beth Grosse. She and her husband Leonard have lived in their home for 45 years.

I-95 is at its capacity for cars, and Leonard says she's worried if the FDOT proposal becomes a project, his neighborhood may lose up to 22 homes just for a retention pond in the area.

"I had no idea this was taking place," says Sandra Hicks, another resident. She's lived in her home for 39 years and just completed a renovation to her entire home.

"I did it thinking, 'this was going to be it,'" she says.

FDOT says the express lanes project is innovative and a good concept to reduce gridlock. Neighbors in the area of the proposal say they've put up with noise from the interstate for decades but never say this turn in the road coming.

"We were going to die here, in our home," Leonard says. "We hoped."

FDOT is holding a workshop at the Jacksonville Marriott on Salisbury Road on Wednesday, April 26 from 4 - 6:30 p.m.

The Spring Park community tells First Coast News they intend to show up in force.

"This is absolutely insane," Leonard says. He and his wife hopes FDOT can find other alternatives - one that won't involve them losing their home.

"We are going to fight it as much as we can," Leonard says.

You can find all the information in the study at this link.