JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Duval County School Board member Scott Shine has been reviewing the district's policy when it comes to ambulances at high school football game.

Local mom Heide Stuart raised concerns after her son Joey, 18, broke his ankle during the game between Sandalwood High School and Atlantic Coast High School.

She said it took 17 minutes for a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department vehicle to arrive because there were no ambulances at the game.

Having an ambulance present is recommended by the Florida High School Athletic Association, however, it is not required.

A spokesperson for the Duval County School Board responding to our questions wrote in part:

"We are confident our preparations provide for some of the safest environments in our region for our student-athletes and our opposing teams."

Shine reviewed the system and said he is confident it is sufficient, but he said there still a need for a review because he found inconsistencies.

"I know that at Fletcher they have paramedics at every game," Shine said. "I think that's one thing we need to look at and we should be consistent from one school to the other."

Shine said they need to look at the policy and make it specific to each school and its need.

"We may be there, but I believe we need to review what we're doing to sure we are doing the best what we can by our children," Shine said.

Forty-two schools in the district have an agreement with an emergency services partner who provides EMTs and paramedics for football events, as well as transportation services.

Shine said it appears that each school makes the decision when to have emergency vehicles on location.