JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - For 80 years, Alfred Angelo has been dressing brides, but this week the Florida company closed its doors abruptly.

An unidentified employee at the Jacksonville Alfred Angelo store did not want to answer questions about the closing.

"Look I don't have anything to tell you," she told First Coast News.

Why the sudden closure? What are brides and bridesmaids suppose to do?

The Florida based company has closed all of its stores without warning. Angry customers took to social media to vent their frustrations.

"My daughter was very very upset last night when she called me," Lori Alexander said.

Alexander decided to go to the Jacksonville store for answers.

"I have five dresses in there," she said.

Alexander spoke with the store employee, who allowed her in and was able to recover one of the dresses.

"There are two more dresses, which have been ordered which i was told will be sent to the girls," she said.

Her wedding is in four months. Gus Delaney was also at the store checking on his daughters dress. His daughter's wedding is in March.

"It is a $1200 dress that is very painful, but it's not devastating," he said.

Her dress was not in the store, but the store employee gave him the sample that was in the showroom, just in case she never receives it.

"She said I could take this and see what happens with the dress," Delaney said.

"It worked out, so I'm glad I stopped by," he said.

So far no explanation from the registered agent and company Atty.

So what can you do if your dress is in an Alfred Angelo store?

  • Visit the store. From what we have seen, if the merchandise is there they will give it to you.
  • Contact the registered agent or company president by certified mail demanding your merchandise.
  • If payment was by credit card, file a dispute.

There's no record of the company filing for bankruptcy as yet, if and when it does, you can file a proof of claim with the courts.