After downtown brick and mortar restaurants held a meeting with a Jacksonville city councilman complaining about the amount of food trucks in the area at the beginning of the month, food trucks are offering specials to customers who send positive emails to city council.

The special, which was posted to the Find Jax Food Trucks Instagram page, details seven food trucks that are offering discounts if their email addresses are CC'd on emails to Jacksonville city council members.

As brick and mortar restaurants lobby city council to purge food trucks out of the downtown area, food trucks are taking a different tack; having their customers go to bat for them in exchange for some discounts.

The comments on the post show support for the food truck side - which makes sense considering the followers of a food truck page.

One user, who says she works downtown, dislikes the few brick and mortar options in the area. " I work downtown and was tired of all the over priced salads and boring food they serve," the user wrote. "I started bringing my lunch to avoid them until you guys rolled in."

On April 3, City Councilman Reggie Gaffney met with a consortium of downtown restaurant owners who were angry about the amount of food trucks downtown stealing their business. They told the councilman their businesses may be forced to close due to the mobile eateries.

The leader of the brick and mortar side, Tom Thornton, who owns The Bank Barbecue and Bakery, said they don't want to get rid of food trucks altogether - just move them out of downtown so they stop hurting their business.

If you want to see what discounts are offered, head to this post on the Find Jax Food Trucks page.