It's the talk of the town and First Coast News got a look behind the scenes.

The new IKEA, located at I-295 and Gate Parkway, is slated to open sometime this fall. Sadly, that was as specific an answer as the store manager, Leontyne Sykes, could give. She said she wished she had an opening date to give, too.

Walking through the 290,000 sq. ft. store (that's three football fields worth of IKEA, folks!) many of the rooms were still under construction with workers putting things together left and right.

When it is finished, Sykes said that shoppers can expect a full experience while they shop for all their household needs; including a restaurant, child care center (for 45 minutes or an hour and a half if you're a member) and plenty of home inspiration.

So what can we expect from IKEA? Let's check out some of the stats:

  • It is the 46th store in the U.S.
  • Nearly 10,000 items
  • Around 250 employees
  • 1 story
  • 41 room settings
  • 48 hours in advance to begin
  • 3 model home interiors
  • 500 construction jobs
  • 275 restaurant seating.
  • 25 acres
  • 950 parking spaces
  • In 49 countries
  • 5th store in Florida
  • 3 electric vehicles
  • 3 different of meatballs (traditional Swedish, chicken and veggie)