JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Amongst the crowd and violence, Jacksonville resident and veteran Michael Tubbs was photographed wearing the same uniform found on his Facebook page.

First Coast News spoke with Tubbs' stepson outside their Jacksonville home Wednesday.

The group Tubbs traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia with wants succession from the federal government. Their website address, FreeFlorida.org, is the simplest way to put what the Florida League of the South says it's about.

Michael Tubbs has connections to racism. He's pled guilty to stockpiling military gear and federal court records state he planned to use in violence racially charged attacks.

He's also now married to a woman who was in the KKK. Her son, the same man who spoke with First Coast News, said he has photos with KKK members, but doesn't associate or agree with racism.

He said the same of his stepfather Tubbs.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported on Tubbs and hate groups in Florida extensively. Tubb's stepson said he disagrees with the way the publication represents the League of the South.

Tubb's organization was found out in Charlottesville because a Florida League of the South member from Gainesville was arrested during the riots.