ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. - For the second time in three years, someone has crashed through the entrance of the AshleGryre clothing store in Atlantic Beach.

According to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Arrest and Booking Report, 32-year-old Michael Inciso drove drunk through the intersection of A1A and Atlantic Beach, before he crashed into the storefront.

It was back in August 2014 that a suspected drunk driver also struck AshleGryre and fled the scene of a crash.

Store owners said they are distraught that their store was struck and that business was disrupted once again.

They said the store could remain closed for months, and that their estimated damage costs will likely reach $200,000 or more.

The owners went through inventory to see what can be salvaged Monday.

Shelby Kessel of Jacksonville Beach stopped by the store to survey the damage.

"It's just very peculiar that it happened in the same exact spot twice. Very odd," Kessel said.

"The fact that it did happen again is not surprising but it's alarming," Kathy Silver said.

Silver works right next door to AshleGryre. With all the bars nearby and the tendency for people to run red lights, Silver said she's not too shocked that it happened again.

The owners of AshleyGryre said the car went airborne off a place in the road that acts like a jump.

"Could they do something with that? Fix the road? Possibly," Silver said. "Maybe if they had a monitor, some kind of parking lot monitor, especially at night."

Employees at BB&T Bank said that it was a few months ago that a car went right through their entrance, as well.

According to Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, there have been 18 crashes in the past five years, including six with injuries.