JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Bold City Brewery's tap room on Rosselle Street reopened Friday after the Jacksonville Fire Marshal shut it down over a permitted discrepancy.

”You’ve got employees that were really depending on the income they were going to use to pay for college classes or summer vacation or something like that," said owner Brian Miller.

Miller says he’s been working the past 24 hours to keep the doors open after Fire Marshal shut down the tap room during a routine inspection.

”What I’m seeing as it relates to fire equipment is not jiving with what I’m seeing as it relates to occupancy," said Jacksonville Fire Chief Kurtis Wilson.

According to city records Wilson provided, Bold City was permitted as an industrial building, but because it now operates a tap room alongside the brewery, it must be permitted for multi-use.

Inspectors reviewed the building-use permit after seeing a sign at the brewery advertising a yoga class.

”We want people to stay in business," Wilson said. "In this case, we were able to create a roadmap for the business. The brewery was never closed.”

Part of the state fire code will keep the doors open this weekend with a 40-person maximum occupancy.

”There’s people who come here every Thursday or every Friday night," Miller said. "You know, this is what they plan their weekends around."

Now, Miller is working to update their permits with the city.

”We’ll call it a glitch in the system and go back to doing what we’re doing," Miller said.