JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Blue Angels are officially in town. They're here for the Air Show this weekend at NAS JAX.

If you've seen them perform, you know of the stunts they're capable of. It takes a lot of time and precision to get everything just right in their performance. Captain Ryan Bernacchi is in the number one plane.

He says he has admired the Blue Angel since he was a child. Captain Bernacchi says their show of teamwork is similar to all of the military branches working together.

"What's really cool about it, I think, is that is it's symbolic of the way the Navy and Marine Corps. operate around the world. We try and display that in front of the crowd in Jacksonville at fairly low altitudes, and all of that. But really, that's what's happening on the aircraft carriers, on all the ships across the fleet, and certainly for the troops on the ground. There's an amazing amount of trust and teamwork that goes into executing Navy Marine Corps mission all around the world," Capt. Burnacchi said.

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