Neptune Beach is a tight-knit community. The beaches in general are closer communities than the hustle and bustle of the sprawling suburban mass that is Jacksonville proper.

As such, some officers get to know people in their community; it may not be by name or by spending time with them, but instead it could be just by seeing their face around town a bunch.

On Sunday, patrol officers were called to a reported theft at a local business. Two homeless men were spotted stealing a young man's bicycle, police say.

The bike wasn't recovered, but Officer Christopher Ortiz got to meet with the victim - a local man, Nicholas.

While they talked, Ortiz learned Nicholas was working two different jobs and didn't have a car; he only had the bike for transportation.

While bikes are commonly used as transportation around the beaches, not having one could cause all sorts of problems - and the unexpected expense of trying to find any buy a new one could really put a hamper on finances for anyone.

So, while out on patrol for several days after the incident, Ortiz spotted Nicholas around town. He was walking to work.

On the second day of seeing Nicholas walk around Neptune Beach, Ortiz made a decision - he, with his own money, decided to buy Nicholas a replacement bike.

Just by the look on his face in the photo - you can tell Ortiz made Nicholas's day!