JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. - The City of Jacksonville Beach says it will clean up a park bathroom left dirty and covered in graffiti.

The bathroom is located near the Sunshine Park playground in South Beach Park.

“The floor was very nasty. There’s vandalism all in the bathroom. Toilet paper thrown, markers on the wall,” said Jason Luke, who stopped by the park Monday with friends.

“I’ve noticed sometimes they’re a little bit dirty,” Jacksonville Beach resident Hannah Wilcox said. “Wish it would be cleaned up or just respected a little bit more because it’s a great park.”

City representatives told First Coast News Monday that crews would clean up the bathroom later that afternoon. The city has also adjusted schedules of people who monitor park conditions in anticipation of the grand opening of the Jax Beach Skatepark, located directly next to Sunshine Park. The skate park is scheduled to open Thursday and expected to bring larger crowds to the park.

“If there’s gonna be more people there’s gonna be more vandalism and that means there’s either gonna be more markers on the wall, or [irresponsible] kids with no supervision probably tearing up the bathrooms,” Luke said.