The Jacksonville Beach mayor told First Coast News Friday that talks are underway at Jacksonville City Hall to reopen part of the pier this fall.

While there is no timeline in place at this time, Jacksonville Beach Mayor Charlie Latham says city council members are confident the plan they are drawing up will come to fruition.

"It is the wish of the beaches community to get the entire pier open," Latham says over the phone. He added that the community is at least happy to have some of the pier open.

The first signs of work being done to the pier since it was damaged back in October by Hurricane Matthew could be seen back in April. A Marine Specialists Limited Crew will be working until at least June.

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The city's insurance company brought in the specialists to coordinate with the Jacksonville Public Works department to assess damage and get a cost estimate.

At last check, the city had narrowed down who'd get their repair contract to four potential companies, three of which are local.

Beachgoers are asked to stay at least 300 feet away from the pier while crews are working.