A Baldwin man says Jacksonville Animal Control captured a dog in a cage and kept it there for around a day or more.

The cage was set for a dog that had been wandering around a park for close to a week, the man said. He asked not to be identified for fear out of retaliation from the dog's owner, he said.

The man said he started leaving food for the stray dog after seeing it wandering Larry M. Carroll Memorial Park in Baldwin for several days.

"Once somebody reports an animal in a cage, they should have a sense of urgency about coming out and picking that animal up," he said.

The man, concerned for the Pitbull mix's well-being, called Animal Control in Jacksonville. He said he and an Animal Control agent tried to coax the dog to come, but it would not, so a trap was set on Wednesday.

The man noticed the dog inside the trap the following morning, so he called Animal Control and left a voicemail that the dog was captured.

Several hours later, he says the dog was still there, surrounded by rain water and mosquitoes. He called again. Another voicemail and still no response.

"This appears to be a standard operating procedure for the city, acceptable, which I don't agree with," he said.

Friday morning came and the dog was still in the cage, so the man called again. That's when an agent came to pick up the dog, he said.

"If a citizen was reported that their dog was in a cage without water for 24 hours, they would probably be fined by the city," he said.

According to a spokesperson with the City of Jacksonville, the dog was captured within 24 hours and was given food and water. Right now, it's being held at the shelter and is being evaluated for adoption eligibility.

The concerned dog owner said he wants the city to improve its response time in situations like this.

"All I'm looking to do is that they take a second look at their procedures," he said. "I'm sure they're going to say they are understaffed and underfunded, that's the typical response from a bureaucracy and I would hope that they would at least check into it."