JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- An Arlington woman is upset over a hole filled with sewer-water outside her home.

Taylor Rosemond said the hole has been outside her home for a month, yet nothing's been done. What began as a leak in her sidewalk that she reported, led to repairs by JEA that never quite got repaired.

"It's just a real unpleasant situation to have in your front yard," Rosemond said.

The hole has become a popular spot for wasps, mosquitoes and sand gnats, but worst of all, Rosemond said her 1-year-old daughter almost fell into the hole and into the algae-filled water.

"It's very frustrating primarily because it's right here in the front of our house and my children are my only concern," Rosemond said.

Rosemond is convinced it's made her 1-year-old, 4-year-old and 7-year-old sick.

"It's been so bad to where my fiancee has had to shovel out the nastiness so it wasn't here for my kids to breathe in," Rosemond said.

Rosemond said she reached out to JEA, who originally dug the whole, who then told her to contact the city.

Three weeks after filing a ticket with the city, she said she didn't hear back and called the city again, only to be told there was no record of her filing that ticket. Rosemond said her ticket had to be refiled.

The hole will be repaired by public works crews in two weeks, according to a City of Jacksonville spokesperson.