If you're a parent, you know danger lurks around every corner. But there are also times when you think your child is safe and couldn't possibly be harmed.

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When summer comes around, kids tend to play outdoors a lot. More and more, parents are looking for ways to bring fun and enjoyment to the super hot summer months. Quite a few are turning to cheap and easy above ground pools.

Most can be found online for just a couple hundred dollars, are easy to set up, and come with everything you need - including a ladder to climb in.

Those ladders pose a danger many parents might not realize.

For Eric and Trina Sutor, they learned the hard way just how dangerous a couple minutes, a ladder and a movie can be: their young son Blake was left outside for no more than just a few minutes while Trina put on a movie and he almost drowned.

Trina came rushing out of the house to find her son unresponsive in the water: a parent's worst nightmare.

He survived, but his life changed forever.

Here's the Sutor family's amazing story tonight on First Coast News at 11.

It was the ladder. Cheap, simple to put together, and a way into and out of the pool. Most parents wouldn't blink twice at it - but it could have cost the Sutor family everything.

One way to make sure this never happens to you is to buy a different ladder for the pool than the one it comes with - something that folds away or is able to get out of the reach of children, but there are other safety options as well.

If you can, try these safety tips from the American Red Cross for your above ground or even in ground pool:

1. Put a fence around your pool. It'll be harder for a child to get to the pool if they have to go through a fence.
2. Keep children under your supervision at all times.|
3. Make sure everyone knows how to swim - there are local swim classes that even work with infants.
4. Establish and enforce rules around the pool (e.g. 'No diving,' 'no swimming after 5 p.m.')
5. Make sure everyone in the house knows CPR, first aid, and water safety.

Want to become a pool safety expert? Take this two-hour course from the Red Cross.