JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office will outfit several of their officers with body cameras starting in July.

After months of discussing the move, 60 officers will wear the body cameras for a pilot program to see how they work and which models work best.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams says getting the cameras is a must.

"Nobody has worn a body camera before," Williams said.

According to Williams, these cameras are important for several reasons like transparency, regaining public trust and to help with investigations.

He says while the cameras are helpful, they're not a silver bullet -- there will be times when the video does not tell the entire story.

"Not a silver bullet but a very powerful element to that investigation if you get the right angle and the right footage you can get all you need sometimes.," Williams said.

The program starts the first week in July and 50-60 officers will wear the cameras in various places such as their chest, glasses or on their shoulder.

According to Williams, the camera will be turned on and off by the officer and the purpose is to find the right equipment so that next year every officer will wear one.

"That is going to lead us to build out a body camera unit inside of JSO. It will not only provide video for the state attorney's office but also answer public records requests," Williams said.