One local celebrity chef is part of the team that cooked Thanksgiving dinner for Oprah Winfrey.

Chef Kenny Gilbert went viral after Oprah posted videos on Instagram that received over one million views.

Before the social media fame, he was a contestant on “Top Chef” season seven.

As an assistant to Oprah’s personal chef for events at her California home, Gilbert had no idea the clips would go viral and was in shock when Oprah said they received half a million views in 15 minutes.

He says the moment was surreal, even though he’s done many high-end events.

Gilbert had the dream of becoming a chef, but never had any intent to be on TV. He enjoys seeing people’s expression after tasting his food and says he’s doing everything he can to bring life to Jacksonville.

Gilbert has cooked for Oprah on many occasions. He never takes it lightly when given the chance to tantalize someone’s taste buds.

He owns two restaurants on the first coast – Gilbert’s Social and Underground Kitchen.