U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan announced in court Wednesday morning that he found good cause to excuse juror 13 and will be seating an alternate juror in Corrine Brown's federal corruption case.

Corrigan says the jury must begin anew in their deliberations just as they did when they were first handed the case. "They must disregard those deliberations," he added, referring to everything they've been discussing this week about the case. The jury was asked to throw out 12 hours of deliberation and two days of work.

Corrigan's office received a call from Juror 8 Tuesday night. She expressed concerns about comments made by Juror 13, who kept making references to 'higher beings' in relation to the case. Corrigan closed off the courtroom around 8:30 Wednesday morning to question the juror.

After almost two hours of sealed discussion, Corrigan decided to dismiss the juror.

Former congresswoman Brown is facing 22 charges relating to mail, wire and tax fraud. After eight days of testimony, the jury was handed the court on Monday.