U.S. District Judge Timothy Corrigan is asking local news outlets to stop contacting his office, following the conclusion of the Corrine Brown corruption trial.

The request comes after several local news organizations contacted the judge with requests for clarity on issues related to the case. First Coast News, for instance, asked for clarity on an order issued Thursday, which prohibits media contact with “jurors or prospective jurors.” It is not clear if the order – which remains in effect “until further order of this court” -- prevents local news outlets from contacting the 12 discharged jurors and three alternates in the case.

The Thursday order also explicitly prohibits contact with a juror dismissed after a closed hearing on Wednesday. That occurred after another juror complained about alleged comments he made related to “higher beings” and Corrine Brown.

Local news outlets have also expressed interest in a transcript of that hearing. The dismissal of the juror is likely to be the foundation of a request for a new trial.

In an email from the judge’s assistant to First Coast News attorneys, the judge asks that news outlet “not contact the court or court personnel directly. Judge Corrigan is considering the various issues that have been brought to his attention and may want to convene a conference with counsel for the news outlets, perhaps as early as Monday afternoon.”

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