JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A car t-boned a JSO marked vehicle and bounced off hitting two other vehicles, causing injury to one person and three children. One of the children was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

Mat Nemeth with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said that the the oldest child was the one who sustained the worst injuries. They were in the front seat of the car that struck the patrol vehicle. They were rushed to UF Health and underwent surgery for their injuries.

Two other children were inside of the car, one was four and a half and they sustained only minor injuries, and the two and a half year old sustained no injuries at all. One adult from another vehicle was taken to Orange Park Medical.

We do not yet have any update on the conditions of those injured.

The incident began when an officer tried to pull the vehicle that crashed into the patrol vehicle over for a speeding violation. The suspect car did not slow down or stop, and so the officer stopped trying to pull them over, after that, for an unknown reason, the suspect vehicle t-boned the marked car.

It appears the patrol car received minor damage. Police are working to determine in the car was hit on accident or on purpose.

First Coast News will update this developing story.