JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A JSO officer has been arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after threatening a man with a gun in the parking lot of Best Bet Casino.

According to an Orange Park Police Department report, in December of 2016, off-duty JSO officer  Tommy Bailey was at Best Bet, located at 455 Park Avenue when police responded to an armed suspect call.

Bailey used the alias of "Rick" while he was gambling and according to the report was playing poker with a table full of people where he had often been the "butt" of the joke and asked the others to stop. Robert Luckett was one of the men at the table and he got up to check his phone, which was in his car, according to his testimony in the report.

When he exited Best Bet, Luckett was followed by Bailey who pulled a gun on him from behind and asked, according to Luckett, "Do you have a motherf****** problem with me?" Luckett said he immediately went back inside to notify authorities.

Another witness had a similar account, stating she saw Luckett leave the building and that "Rick" was behind him. She said she saw Rick reach into his sock, or perhaps an ankle holster for a pistol and pull it out and "cock" it at Luckett. 

Bailey's testimony stated that he was trying to exit but Luckett kept purposely walking in front of him. He stated that Luckett challenged him to a fight by "going out to the parking lot" while they were playing poker. However, this information was not told to two of the other investigators that he had previously spoken to. 

The dealer at Best Bet stated that "Rick" was in a bad mood and insulted Luckett when Luckett made a comment about Bailey's red shirt. She said she had to call the pit-boss over because of their behavior, however she said she did not hear Luckett challenge Bailey to a fight.

Surveillance footage shows Luckett leaving before Bailey, on the left hand side of the stairs, not blocking Bailey from leaving. The footage shows Bailey leaving after and reaching to his right ankle for his fun. It shows the witness as well. Bailey and Luckett are both off camera for the altercation, however Luckett can be seen walking quickly back into Best Bet.

We have reached out to JSO for comment and have not heard back.