JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- A 20-year veteran patrol officer of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is facing charges for allegedly biting his wife twice during a domestic dispute.

Officer Lenell Boyer was arrested Thursday after the dispute, according to Director Mike Bruno, head of the patrol division.

Bruno said Boyer got into an early morning argument with his wife in their home. His wife tried to cover his mouth in order to keep him from waking up his children. He proceeded to bite her hand twice, Bruno said.

Bruno said that Boyer's wife reported the incident later in the day after talking it over with family members and Boyer was charged with domestic battery, a first-degree misdemeanor.

It's the tenth JSO employee arrest of 2017.

"It's unacceptable for someone to perpetrate domestic violence and it's unacceptable that someone has to live or be forced to live in that kind of environment," JSO Patrol and Enforcement Director Mike Bruno said.

Boyer is also facing internal discipline at JSO and has been assigned to desk duty until the case is resolved.

A look into Boyer's 20-year history with JSO reveals 48 complaints against the officer, 33 of them are citizen complaints. They include accusations of rudeness, unbecoming conduct, unnecessary force, traffic violations, an in-accurate report and a "bias-based" citizen complaint. The majority of these complaints have been found by JSO to be based in fact.

Punishments for Officer Boyer ranged from counseling, to referral-letters, to suspensions.