JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - One week later, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is still looking for whoever killed a man at a convenience store in Northwest Jacksonville.

James Young was shot and killed at the RaceWay off Golfair Boulevard and Interstate 95 one week ago Friday night.

There are three convenience stores in the area: Shell, Chevron and RaceWay.

Since January 2015, JSO tells us there have been 113 calls for service to the Shell.

58 at the Chevron.

The RaceWay? 937.

"Oh God, police are around here everyday, there's something going on everyday," said Annette Burroughs, who lives just south of the RaceWay.

Burroughs say she's seen two shootings in four years of living in the area.

"There's drug dealing and prostitution going on," said Corinne Harper.

Neighbor Corinne Harper did not want to show her face.

"You walk out the house one day, a shooting happens, it just so happened you would be in the middle of it, you might get shot or anything so you never know," said Harper.

Of the 937 calls to JSO, the vast majority are for things like disputes, investigations and suspicious persons, according to documents obtained from the sheriff's office.

Residents say the root of problems begins with people being allowed to loiter.

Employees at neighboring Shell and Chevron say they do not tolerate loitering.

A Shell manager, who would not go on camera, says he often has to chase away loiterers with a baseball bat because police don't always show up.

A spokesperson for RaceTrac Petroleum Inc., which operates RaceWay says due to recent incidents, the store's operator has consulted with JSO.

They say police presence has since been increased, additional signage has been added to discourage loitering, and that they are in the process of increasing lighting and enhancing the store's surveillance system.

Residents say they've noticed.

"I went in the store, I see they've got more cameras and stuff in there, they are improving their system," said Burroughs.

Hoping these changes help at least make some difference.