BATESVILLE, Miss. — In testimony Saturday, federal intelligence analyst Paul Rowlett laid out a timeline of Jessica Chambers' and Quinton Tellis' moves leading up to and on the day of Chambers' death.

Tellis has pleaded not guilty to capital murder in the burning death of the 19-year-old. Prosecutors believe that Tellis had sex with Chambers before he set her and her car on fire and left her to die the night of Dec. 6, 2014, in Courtland. She died at a hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

The timeline included cellphone data, security video and phone and text records. The following timeline is based on the 96-page Power Point slideshow presented in court by Rowlett.

Days prior

12/02/14 — Chambers goes to the emergency room for some medicine. By his own admission and by telephone data confirmation, Tellis accompanies her.

12/03/14 — The first time Chambers' texts show Tellis asking her for sex.

"I'm horny," he texts, to which Chambers replies, "Oh Lord." The conversation continues, and Chambers points out that his mother and sister are home and that they would "freak out." Prosecution says this establishes that Chambers will not go to Tellis' home while his family is there.

12/04/14 — Chambers has broken the screen on her phone, making some conversations more garbled and stunted.

"I'm horny," Tellis texts again, to which Chambers replies once more, "Oh Lord."

12/05/14 — In a text conversation, Chambers asks for money to eat. Tellis responds with a sexual proposition. She tells him she only needs about $6. Minutes later, surveillance video at the M&M gas station shows Tellis walking across the street to where Chambers' car has come into view, and then he walks back to his driveway.

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12:32-10:04 a.m. — Tellis is making calls that are bouncing off a tower in Pope, which indicates he is either at his home or across the street at the M&M gas station.

8:55 a.m. — Tellis on video at M&M getting breakfast wearing a white shirt and shoes and a dark dew rag and jeans.

9:01-9:02 a.m. — Chambers wakes up and sends a text. Cellphone data shows she is at her home on Carlisle Road.

9:06 a.m. — Tellis' mother's white Chevrolet Suburban leaves his house and heads up U.S. 51.

10:04 a.m. — Chambers calls Tellis, and the call lasts for 69 seconds.

10:08 a.m. — Chambers is on the cameras at M&M making a purchase.

10:09 a.m. — Tellis texts Chambers, "I'm ready."

10:10 a.m. — Chambers is on cameras at M&M talking to two acquaintances. No one else is with her. She leaves and can be seen pulling into Tellis' driveway. From there they head south on U.S. 51.

UPDATE: A judge declared a mistrial in the murder case of Jessica Chambers. Click here for the details