The Jacksonville Electric Authority is attempting to work out a land swapping deal that would allow it to build a new headquarters. The new site would be in a parking lot near the Duval County Courthouse.

As it stands, the JEA headquarters, located on West Church Street in Downtown, is in need of some desperate updates.

Built in 1962, the building with its oddly shaped windows and mustard colored walls, has stood tall for over 50 years, and unsurprisingly, there are some issues that need to be addressed. An audit done in December of 2016 showed that the building needed some upgrades: plumbing, electrical, fire protection, security, and structural work to keep it functioning.

For JEA to remain in its current headquarters, it would need an estimated $37 million.

However, JEA proposed a new solution to its building issue. They want to enter a land swap with the city of Jacksonville, which would give them a plot of land that is currently a parking lot near the Duval County Courthouse (337 West Adams Street) and would give the City the current plot and building.

If this deal goes through, JEA would build a new headquarters on the parcel of land previously owned by the City and there is no word on what would happen to the old JEA building. This will all be spoken about at a JEA Board Meeting that will take place Tuesday, June 20.