According to the JEA power outage map, about 40,000 customers are currently without power.

Earlier in the morning, JEA was reporting about 42,000 customers without power.

JEA extends restoration time due to severe damage

The power company has extended its deadline to restore power to all its customers in the Jacksonville area.
J-E-A says more than -90- percent of its customers have power again, but unfortunately, that means about -40-thousand people are still in the dark.

So Mayor Lenny Curry tweeted out his email address last night-- telling anyone whose power is still out to email him directly-- so he can address it with JEA.

JEA has extended it's restoration deadline to 11:59 pm Tuesday night.

Homeowners should know that private property damage requires a private electrician not JEA, so that means power may be restored to a street but not in your own home.