JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - With dogs flipping through the air, musicians practicing their chords and dancers warming up, it is evident there is a lot of talent in Jacksonville. "America's Got Talent" producers want to see it all.

On Saturday, they held auditions for Season 12 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center.

"I have 20 scrambled Rubix cubes and I am going to attempt to solve them blindfolded," Aidan Proietto said.

The talent at the audition came in many forms.

"I change my voice and I make funny voices and it is really cool," says young Cierra as she waits in the holding room.

Contestants waited for hours for one chance on the stage.

They are hoping to wow the show's producers, like Jason Raff.

"So it is almost like you have to see it and say 'oh my god, I can't wait to put that in front of Simon and see what he has to say'," Raff explains.

He says the "it" factor they want can really be anything! Faith Jones, 10, hopes she will be one of the lucky ones called back!

"It was scary, but I think it went really well," shes says.

And what would a Florida audition be with some reptiles.

Whomever is selected from Jacksonville will be flown to Los Angeles in March to perform for the celebrity judges.