Jacksonville's Mayor, Lenny Curry, expressed his frustration with the amount of power outages the city still has following Hurricane Matthew.

Curry tweeted, "For those without power. Deadlines missed not acceptable. U made decisions based on expected restoration. I'll get answers."

JEA's chief executive officer admitted to city leaders that the utility "blew it" when it came to its promise to customers that power would be restored by midnight Tuesday. As late of Tuesday evening, 26,000 customers remained in the dark.

"They are going to have to answer to this," said city council member John Crescimbeni. "The only thing worse than being out of power is being told you are going to be back in business and that not happening."

JEA officials told city council members that Hurricane Matthew did $30 million in damage to the city's power grid. They said restoration was complicated by fallen trees and branches.

For residents on their fifth day with no power, batteries and patience are running low.

Curry also tweeted saying he "wasn't questioning the hard, tiring work being done by JEA crews restoring power."

"They are busting their butts," Curry wrote.

Curry asks all resident to email him if they are still without power.