JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- The mailbox belonging to the Sugar Bear Antique Mall is tucked away on the curb, but it is still as visible as the neon sign on the building.

"We've been here nineteen years," Mike Skie said, "nothing has changed."

Skie owns Sugar Bear Antique Mall. A few weeks ago he discovered a problem with his mail delivery.

"What started it is got my insurance and it was due," he said. "My insurance agent called and said what's wrong did you move from your current location your insurance is due in 48 hours."

The problem was his insurance renewal paperwork was "returned to sender as not deliverable."

Huh? The address is the same as it was for the past 19 years. What happened?

"It is the exact address we use day in and day out," Skie said.

Then he noticed it was not an isolated problem, as other mail was being sent elsewhere or not being delivered. Skie said it is impacting his business.

"I have other mail that comes in here that is time sensitive that has to be answered in a number of days," he said.

And adding insult to injury, the mail that he receives does not belong to him.

"Here's one that's got a check, here's one from JEA," Skie said. "Here's one from another person on Julington Creek Road."

Skie is also landlord to 100 vendors in his building. He said some pay their rent by mail.

"I'm getting it late that's where the problem is that's how it is going to screw me up," he said.

Skie said he's been to the neighborhood post office, and he's called the general delivery center.
He has also filed complaints online and even spoke with a postal inspector, yet his mail delivery is still a problem

"And it just seems like it has escalated," he said.

Skie said it is a problem the post office should have corrected months ago.

"They've had plenty of chances to get it right and they're still not getting it right," he said.

Now that On Your Side has reached out to them perhaps the problem is resolved.

This is a response from the Regional Office in Dallas, Texas.

The Postal Service appreciates its customers and strives to provide excellent service. When mail service issues occur, we take steps to quickly resolve customer concerns. In this specific case, local management at the Mandarin Post Office has communicated with the customer to offer an apology and to work together to arrive at a solution the customer finds acceptable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

- Kanickewa “ Nikki” Johnson