NEPTUNE BEACH, Fla. - The Neptune Beach City council voted unanimously Monday night to approve a law making fake service dogs illegal.

We told you about the proposed law last month.

Faking a service dog could now result in up to 60 days in jail, 30 hours of community service, and $500 fine.

Council member and K9s for Warriors Executive Director Rory Diamond proposed the law. He said fake service dogs are an overwhelming problem.

Bryan Foltz has a service dog for his PTSD. He said he was at a hotel recently when employees there didn't believe his dog was a service dog.

According to Foltz, as the number of fake service dogs increases, so too does the doubt of individuals with legitimate service dogs.

"I think it's phenomenal. One of the things about the law is it provides a protection for real service dogs while also insuring that service dogs that are legitimate are able to enter into public and not be harassed by people who don't really understand what a service dog is," said Foltz.

While Diamond does acknowledge it would be hard to enforce this law, he says its main job is to reduce the number of fakes.