ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. -- Mayoral candidate Ellen Glasser has defeated incumbent mayor Mitch Reeves in the mayoral race in Atlantic Beach, according to initial results.

Tuesday was election day in Atlantic Beach and it comes after a heated mayoral race.

Much of the mud-slinging has been between current Mayor Mitch Reeves and mayoral candidate Ellen Glasser. They were among three candidates on the ballot.

The signs, waves and car honks of election day started early Tuesday at 7 a.m. sharp at Atlantic Beach City Hall and three other precincts around town.

This election is different with Glasser accusing Reeves of ethical violations and Reeves accusing Glasser of living outside the city.

"I would say every campaign is heated," Reeves said.

Reeves admits this particular campaign has been exciting and said he has to be above the mud slinging.

"It is tough, at first, because then you just try to stay out because the people are really concerned about the issues, you stay on the issues," Reeves said.

Glasser said she didn't expect this race to be so tenacious.

"I'm a first time candidate so I have to admit some some of that mudslinging came as a surprise to me," Glasser said.

Mayoral candidate Milton Hall calls himself the alternative to mudslinging candidates.

"I'm that person that gives them the safe option they can turn to if they don't want to get involved in the nastiness of politics," he said.

Voter Edmundo Nava said the back-and-forth between candidates is a turn off for him.

Actually that played against them. I don't like gossip and don't like when put other people down, so that's not the way to play," Edmundo said.

While Linda Almeida said it just got her more involved.

"It just made me more intense and more determined to make a change," Almeida said.