JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Perched above a sea of fans, hidden among the corporate suites is a room filled with equipment and a crew that controls in-game entertainment on a massive high-definition screen.

For the JagsCinima team editing videos, they know how their product can set the tone for thousands of fans.

“It’s a 60,000 community of one if you will, Jaguars senior executive producer Larry Rosen said about gamedays at Everbank Field.

At one point or another, fans, players, coaches, everyone looks to the end zone and the 362-foot wide video board. They’re watching real-time stats, replays, or the ROAR of the Jaguars strutting across the screen.

Whatever might be playing, Rosen is the man calling the shots.

“You may think that you’re going left, left, left and the world takes you right,” Rosen said, “So the show is built with some elements that occur when they occur and the vast majority of elements are producer director discretion as the game is playing out.”

Rosen said the benchmark during the games can be felt below your feet.

“Players are psyching them up and the floor shakes, so if we say we have a floor shaker then that’s a good piece,” Rosen said.

About twenty staffers sit in the booth – more behind the scenes building graphics and operating cameras around the stadium.

He adds there is an outline his team works from, but until highlights from the previous contest are available, the content for the next game – even if that is just days later – cannot be built: making for long hours.

“It’s a continually evolving show where the elements change for every game,” Rosen said.

So what’s in store for the fans Thursday night?

“A lot of things will be like reintroduction and key additions, training camp battles, like we know what the themes might be, but we don’t know who the players might be,” Rosen explained.

He added that the show is already loaded and his team will do another test a few hours before kickoff.