JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Hurricane Matthew is expected to bring heavy winds, rain and deadly storm surges to the First Coast.

Driving on a bridge during high winds can be very dangerous, according to Ron Tittle with the Florida Department Of Transportation.

One of the biggest questions we get when tracking tropical storms and hurricanes is: Are they going to close the bridges? It depends on wind speed.

The wind speed is monitored by sensors on the top of bridges.

"We're able to use the technology to determine what types of wind speed on our bridge structures," said Tittle.

Here are the guidelines for when law enforcement decides to shut down bridges.

Florida Department of Transportation will monitor wind speeds and once it hits a sustained 40 mph, law enforcement will decide if they want to shut the bridges down.

Bridge closures will be a last minute decision, First Coast News will let you know if and when any of the bridges close.

Tall vehicles, such as trailers and RVS, should take extra caution driving over bridges.