ST.JOHNS COUNTY, Fla.—The fight to prevent Zika after Hurricane Matthew continued Thursday as crews sprayed for mosquitoes.

The battle on the pitch for players with the Florida Elite Soccer Academy was not trying to score goals as much as it was trying to avoid mosquitoes.

"We are getting bit through our clothes and the mosquitoes are just everywhere,” said Jordan Follenwieder.

Steven Mail is the President of the Academy.

"I've never seen this many mosquitoes, we are happy that the county is going to spray tonight,” said Mail.

Ariel spraying like the one that has occurred in Miami over the last few weeks is happening in Duval and St. Johns counties this week.

"That does comfort me that they are using the same kind of spraying," said Betsy Cupit. "They are taking precautions to help us out."

Florida Elite canceled practice in Jacksonville and it was moved up in St. Johns County.

"The kids are running about so they aren’t that impacted," said Mail. "But the coaches are extremely heavily dressed because they are standing targets."

Parents said they sprayed their children multiple times.

"We have been here about 17 years and this is the craziest it’s been,” said Ken Basham.

"All the parents are sitting in their cars when usually we are all lined up watching the kids at the fence,” said Cupit.