About 3,000 gallons of toxic waste water was released in Palatka early Wednesday morning after a power plant's wastewater pipeline burst, environmental officials say.

The spill happened just north of Palatka along U.S. 17 near the Seminole Electric Cooperative Plant around 5 a.m., according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The waste was cleaned up and hasn't entered any waterways or storm drains, officials say. No injuries have been reported.

Seminole Electric Cooperate reported the spill after untreated power plant processed water at the Seminole Generating plant in Palatka after an above-ground pipeline burst.

A vac-truck was used during the clean-up at 890 U.S. 17., near Continental Building Products (a building materials supplier) and Lafarge North America (a ready-mix concrete supplier). Both buildings are just outside the electric coop.

A Seminole Electric spokesperson says the public is facing no danger from this spill.

"This spill poses no threat to employee or public safety," a statement from the company reads. "The spill originated from a separated supply pipe to plant equipment. The spill was entirely contained within Seminole property and occurred away from storm water drainage and conveyance areas. No environmental impacts occurred outside of Seminole property.”